Together We Are Stronger

19 April 2010 07:49
Eddie Howe hails the support received from all quarters as the Cherries have automatic promotion within their sights. With the Cherries on the verge of automatic promotion, Eddie Howe hails the support he's received from all quarters, being quoted in the Bournemouth Evening Echo as saying: "The chairman has come in and he has been fantastic from day one. He’s got the club’s interests at heart and that’s all you want from the leader of the club. Hopefully, the club will see better times in the coming years. I feel good for the fans who have had such tough times in the past few years. I’m just pleased for the people of Bournemouth that they’ve still got a football club to support and, hopefully, a football club playing decent football and one they are enjoying coming to watch. Going through the tough times is very good – any experience like that can only help you. You can draw on it in the future. It sounds strange, but I’m really pleased we went through what we did because it made everybody stronger and brought us closer together".