Tindall: League is putting Cherries' players at risk

10 October 2009 03:00
Cherries assistant manager Jason Tindall has accused the Football League of playing with peoples careers. Tindall has vented his fury after league chiefs earlier this week rejected the clubs request for a second emergency signing. The move came after Cherries had attempted to highlight the extent of the crippling Dean Court injury crisis by submitting medical records for all their walking wounded. However, the league claimed one of those players believed to have been Liam Feeney then played 90 minutes of Cherries 0-0 draw at Port Vale seven days ago. The rebuff saw Cherries field a makeshift team during the JPT defeat at Northampton in midweek with twice-retired Tindall forced to don his boots. Tindall told the Daily Echo: Its not an ideal situation and I think everybody knows Im not here to play games but we didnt have much choice. But with the situation were in and the injury list weve got, unfortunately, I may have to play whether I like it or not. Its very difficult and youve only got to look at the players who werent available. Not only are we fighting our own injury crisis but were fighting the Football League and an ongoing transfer embargo. In my opinion, its unfair. But its the hand we have been dealt and were doing our best to overcome the problems. Were trying to jump the hurdles and to land safely the other side. No fewer than nine first-choice players were unavailable against the Cobblers as Cherries struggled to meet league requirements for six regulars to be named in the starting line-up. Tindall added: Weve got people playing regularly who are only 50, 60 or 70 per cent fit. People look at it and think weve got 11 players on the pitch but some of them dont train from week to week. We just have to patch them up and put them on the pitch because of the situation we find ourselves in. The Football League has made it clear they wont allow us to bring in any players. We dont hold that against them, they make the rules and weve got to abide by them. But those rules are not only punishing us as a football club and, potentially, could be damaging the players careers. If you keep patching them up and forcing them to play through injuries, there has got to be a risk of long-term injury. Its unfortunate but weve got no choice at the moment.

Source: Bournemouth_Echo