Time To make More History

15 April 2013 07:33
Are AFC Bournemouth on the verge of making more Clun history?

With the Cherries having to play just two more matches of this memorable season, manager Eddie Howe is urging his players to play their way in to the Clubs history by winning promotion to the Championship - a division the Cherries were relegated from back in the 1989/90 season.

Speaking in the Bournemouth Evening Echo, Howe is quoted as saying: "Around the town, those are the two teams that get talked about more than any other. Supporters and people associated with the club remember those eras and those players, and quite rightly so. You will never take away from how good those teams and players were. They had characters and you will never stop people talking about them. Our aim is to try to build a new team and one that Bournemouth supporters will talk about for many years to come. We want people to recall the great moments that, hopefully, this team can give them and the town. We are doing our best to try to take this club to the level it was before".

Source: Cherries MAD