Thomas Wants To Resurrect Dean Court Career

16 July 2013 08:33
Wayward Wes Thomas has vowed to resurrect his flagging career with AFC Bournemouth.

Wes Thomas, who has peviously stated that he wanted to leave Dean Court, has now come out to say that he wants to do his best at Dean Court.

Speaking in the Bournemouth Evening Echo, Thomas is quoted as saying: "A lot of what I said was misinterpreted. People said I didn’t care about the club and that I thought I was better than the club. At no stage did I ever say anything like that. All I said was that I wanted to play football and, at the time, I wasn’t playing here. It was difficult for me last season. I wasn’t in the previous manager’s plans and, for me, it was all about playing. I went on loan and did well because it gave me an opportunity to play. That is all I am asking for here and I have spoken with the manager about it. I have told him I am fully committed to the club and just want to prove to him that I want to play for his team. It is a great team and I am willing to work hard for him. I enjoyed my time at the clubs I played for last season but I am fully focused on helping Bournemouth. I want to prove to everyone that I am committed to the club and will give my all".

Source: Cherries MAD