They Know What They're Doing - Redknapp

28 September 2012 04:05
According to Harry Redknapp, the current management duo at Dean Court "know what they're doing"!

'Advisor' Harry Redknapp, has spoken publically insisting that the management duo of Paul Groves and Shaun Brooks know what they're doing!

Speaking in the Bournemouth Evening Echo, Redknapp is quoted as saying: "I have got great respect for Grovesy, Shaun Brooks and Dennis Rofe. Every game I have seen – I didn’t see Swindon – they played so well. I went to Yeovil and they were fantastic. I saw MK Dons, Preston and Brentford. They were all games they should have won. They are very, very close. They went to Swindon with so many injuries on Saturday that it was silly. But people have got to be patient with them because they know what they are doing. Paul Groves worked for me at Portsmouth when we won the FA Cup. He knows what he is about – believe you me – and so does Shaun. Just give them time. They just need to turn the corner and they need a positive result and, hopefully, they will get that against Walsall. And then they will get up and running".

A management record of 3 league wins in 16 league outings speaks for itself - ed.


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