The Club Going In The Right Direction

13 March 2010 03:55
Steve Fletcher speaks of the Clubs current financial woes and how it appears to be handled. With another Winding Up Order due at the end of the month relating to unpaid taxes, Steve Fletcher speaks about what's going on at the moment, being quoted in the Bournemouth Evening Echo as saying: "Of course it’s worrying for the supporters – it’s their club – and it’s my club. It’s the players’ livelihoods and anybody who is involved at the club. But I do believe the people we’ve got in charge are doing things the right way. They’ve got the club organised, which it hasn’t been for years since I can remember. It’s going forward in the right way. We’ve got every confidence things will be okay but there’s only so much they can do. Unfortunately, a lot of the debt is to the tax man and that’s why it’s probably been publicised the way it has. But it doesn’t affect the lads on the field. On the field, we’re focused and we’re concentrating on the job in hand. The rest of the people – the chairman and people working behind the scenes – are doing everything they can and more to make sure that we have a club".