Temporary Stand For Dean Court

19 May 2013 11:28
A temporary stand will be reinstated at the open end of the ground.

With the Cherries taking the step up to the Championship, the Club has decided to hold off building a permanent stand at the open end of the ground, in favour or a temporary stand which is expected to have a 3000 capacity.

Speaking in the Bournemouth Evening Echo, Chairman Eddie Mitchell is quoted as saying: "We are definitely going to erect a stand at one end of the stadium, on a temporary basis to start with. We have discussed it and are going to seek permission to put up a permanent stand. At this moment in time, we have got to experiment to see what level of support we are going to get. If we fill the temporary stand every game then we realise we will have to build a new one a bit sharpish. If we don’t sell it, we will have to think again. Unless we look to the next level, which we can’t really do at this stage, we have got to consider staying in the Championship and what support that will bring. We know what we need to get in there to make it worthwhile building a permanent one so we will find out this coming season. The temporary stand will be as near to a permanent one as you can get. We have worked out we need to either fill it for half the games or half fill it for all the games to make it viable to build a permanent one. We will just have to gauge what response we get".

Source: Cherries MAD