Stevenage Borough Reaction - Borough

13 March 2013 11:06
Here's the post match reaction from the Borough camp after their midweek home defeat to AFC Bournemouth.

Speaking after the match, Borough manager, Gary Smit was quoted as saying, and sending off: "I thought it was a good challenge in the middle of the field. Both bodies went for it genuinely. I think Arter was side on to the ball but Darius has come through strong but they’ve both gone for the ball, no problems there. The referee’s given a free-kick for Darius but under some pressure has now buckled and has now felt the actual incident has warranted a second yellow card for Darius. I felt his initial instinct was to say it’s fair, but after a moment or two of being surrounded by blue shirts, and under some pressure, and seeing a player lying spread-eagled on the floor and the stretcher coming on, his opinion has changed. I think it’s a very, very harsh sending off. The penalty, I thought, was unnecessary from the referee. His explanation is that the goalkeeper’s follow through has been too aggressive, but I thought that Steve [Arnold] came out well, he spread his body, the player got his shot off well, it was heavy and out of play, and I think when he made contact [it was] considerably after the event. His follow through has taken [Steve] into him, but I don’t think that is a penalty. I think [the referee has] got excited. Their players have surrounded him. His choice to give a penalty and then to send Darius off [in injury time] has been under pressure from the Bournemouth players".

Source: Cherries MAD