South End Taking Shape

21 June 2013 07:53
Developments around the ground, most notably at the open end of the ground, are slowly taking shape.

Chairman Eddie Mitchell is confident that the new 2400 all-seater temporary stand at the previously open end of the ground will be ready for the opening game of the new season against Charlton Athletic (August 3rd @ 1500).

Also in progress is work to extend the Club shop.

Speaking on the Clubs Official Web Site, Mitchell is quoted as saying: "Both developments are on schedule to be ready for the start of August and the home fixture against Charlton. I’m hoping the addition of the temporary stand will make the stadium more enclosed and more dynamic. Obviously it will stop the draft coming through too, but I just really hope it will make it feel more like an arena and a proper football ground. We still haven’t come to a decision as to which supporters it will hold – we have to leave that down to the manager really to have his say. We wouldn’t want to give it to the away fans only to find ourselves at any disadvantage at all, so it would be for them to decide and work with us on the numbers we think we are going to get here, to try and juggle things best for everybody. The shop is also very exciting. We have a big trophy cabinet going in there so the boys will have to work hard to fill it up but we are going to make it quite a fun shop".

Source: Cherries MAD


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