South Coast Club Reaction - Cherries

12 March 2011 08:50
Here's the post match reaction from the Cherries camp after their 3rd home defeat of the season. Cherries manager, Lee Bradbury, was quoted after the match as saying: "The scoreline flattered them. Their equaliser came from a bit of a mix up, we should have had a penalty and then we hit the crossbar. Danny was about to shoot when I thought he was bundled over. Danny’s enthusiastic and wants to score goals but is not the type of guy to go down easily so that was very frustrating. Southampton knocked the ball around very well and their third goal was a great strike. He didn’t give Shwan much of a chance, but it was disappointing that Hammond lost his man for their second. We gave them a litte problem in the first half with Lauri Dalla Valle in the hole and Danny running off him but we have to put this result behind us".