Selection Headache For Bradbury

26 November 2011 08:07
All of a sudden manager Lee Bradbury has a selection headache to deal with - something not seen at the Club for a long time!

With quite a few players coming in to AFC Bournemouth in the past few weeks, either as loanees or with a view to a permanent deal, manager Lee Bradbury has a selection headache given squad of 35 from which to choose. Not all are available for selection, but some, like Shaun Cooper are coming back to full fitness again.

In an interview in the Bournemouth Evening Echo, Cooper is quoted as saying on the current squad size that: "It’s tough for everyone now because we have a lot of players. There will be a lot of people left out who won’t be happy, but that is the way it goes. It’s not easy for Bradders to keep everyone happy. In my time at the club, we have always had a tight budget and a small squad so the team and the players on the bench had always been easy to pick. Now we have more players it is a new situation for the lads who have been here a while and I’m sure it’s not easy for Bradders. All we can do is our best and it is down to the manager who he thinks should play. For me, personally, it’s hard because competition in my positions has increased, but it doesn’t bother me. I feel I do enough in training but it’s not my decision whether I play or not. People know what they are going to get from me but I can’t speak for the manager. It is out of my hands. I will do the best I can, which I feel is enough to be involved, but I am sure there are a lot of other players who feel the same. We are professional lads and nobody will kick up a fuss. We will just get on with it and do our best".