Ritchie Set Back

20 September 2013 08:17
Winger Matt Ritchie has had a further set back as he looks to return to first team action.

Just when there was light at the end of the tunnel, and a return was nearing for Matt Ritchie, it has been revealed that, the winger signed from Swindon Town, has had a set back in his bid to return to full fitness.

Manager Eddie Howe is quoted in the Bournemouth Evening Echo as saying: "Matt has had a setback so we are not sure where he stands at the moment. He was making good progress but just felt a different area in his thigh so he is not close to returning now and it is a big blow to us. We will possibly look to take him abroad to get the top people we can find to look at him because he is such a big player for us, as they all are, and we want to get everybody fit. We are stretched at the moment so the fact we are getting some good results in spite of the injury situation is encouraging. But we want to get everybody fit as soon as possible so we may look, not just with Matt but with other players as well, to try to get them the best possible treatment we can find. There are different specialists for different injuries so we need to identify the best people for our players. I have been there myself and it is incredibly frustrating when you are injured. If there are things we can do to help then we need to try".

Source: Cherries MAD