Redundancies At Dean Court

05 March 2013 08:00
AFC Bournemouth have announced that a number of non-playing staff have been asked to leave their posts.

In an unexpected turn of events, AFC Bournemouth have announced that 7 members of the non-playing staff have been made redundant at Dean Court, in what has been described as a "restructuring" exercise.

Those known to have left are the Cherries Media Manager/Programme Editor, Micky Cunningham, who was also the founding member of the AFCB Exiles Club. Also leaving Dean Court were Commercial Executive Tom Jeffes, who announced his departure via social media site Twitter on Monday evening.

Others to have left are thought to be connected with Black Label Events and Hot Radio.

In a brief interview with the Bournemouth Evening Echo, Chairman Eddie Mitchell is quoted as saying: "I have been here three-and-a-half, nearly four years and you can’t ignore the fact you get to know people and get to respect their strengths and weaknesses, and you become involved with them. It is not something which I take lightly but, on the other hand, I am here to do a job. That job is to secure the club’s future and to play the best football we can for the fans. I won’t shy away from making difficult decisions".

Source: Cherries MAD