Rantie Focussed

11 September 2013 08:05
Record signing Tolkeo Rantie is focussed on the task ahead for AFC Bournemouth.

With new South African international, and record signing, Tolkeo Rantie joining his new team mates ahead of the weekend match against Blackpool at the weekend, the 23-year-old is focussed on the task ahead with AFC Bournemouth.

The record signing is quoted as saying: "Football is my life and my only source. Nothing is going to stand in my way as I have to take care of my sick mother. My background is my strong motivation and that is why I am going out there to give it (my) all. You know when there are people that see the good in you and how they can make you a better player. That is overwhelming. It was not about money but it was the faith they showed in me. They have spoken to me about my game and even more inspiring is that they have spotted my weaknesses and where I need to improve to become a better player. That on its own makes me humble about my move. Despite my weakness, the club is still keen to use me and help me grow. That must mean there is something special they see in me".

Source: Cherries MAD