Rantie - A Breath Of Fresh Air

17 September 2013 01:59
The arrival of Tolkeo Rantie is being described as a breath of fresh air by the Club.

With record signing, Tolkeo Rantie (aka TK), now at the Club, his arrival is being described as a breath of fresh air around the Club.

Assistant manager, Jason Tindall, is quoted in the Bournemouth Evening Echo as saying: "He trained this morning, which was brilliant. The good thing in our favour is that the time difference is only one hour so we don’t have to worry about jet lag. But it would have been a tiring journey. It was important he trained to get it out of his system. He needs to relax and recuperate and make sure he is ready for tomorrow because he will go straight into the squad. We looked at so many strikers in England and all over Europe to try to find one that fitted into our philosophy and the style of football we play. We kept coming back to TK. Without wanting to put too much pressure on him, when people see him, they will realise what a quality player he is. He is certainly an explosive player. He is dynamic and has fantastic ability to beat people. He is a great addition for the squad and will strengthen us in that area".

Source: Cherries MAD