Purches Grateful For Ongoing Support

10 July 2012 06:24
He may have been out of action since the double leg break at Rochdale last season, but Stephen Purches is grateful for all the support he's received.

It's been almost 6-months since Stephen Purches sustained a double leg break against Rochdale at Spotland, but is grateful and humbled by all the support he's received since.

Speaking in the Bournemouth Evening Echo, Purches is quoted as saying: "Sometimes, you don’t realise how people feel about you and the amount of good will there is out there. I got some unbelievable letters, emails, tweets and phone calls from people I would not even have expected. It gets you through those sort of things when you are feeling a bit low. I tried to not let it get to me too much – it has happened, you have to deal with it and that is life. It is one of the injuries you hope that you never get but, unfortunately, it happened. If you are going to do it, I think you are better off doing it nearer the end of your career because the experience that has brought me to this point can help me get over it and get through it. The hardest part for me will be that I have never missed a pre-season. That is when everyone comes back and the games start and that is probably when it will hit me a bit more. But while I am away from football and feeling like I am not missing out on everything, it is a bit easier".