Promotion Would Be A Great Achievement

10 April 2010 03:25
Ex Cherries skipper, Mark Newson, who was part of the 1986/87 promotion reckons that promotion this season would eclipse the heroics in the late 80s. Mark Newson was part of the record breaking squad of 1986/87 which won the old Third Division title with a record number of points under Harry Redknapp. Speaking in the Bournemouth Evening Echo, Newson reckons that should promotion come in the next few weeks, the achievement this season will eclipse what was done 23 years ago. Newson is quoted as saying: "Without doubt, if Eddie were to take them up this season, it would better our promotion. I don’t know the ins and outs but I do know there has been a transfer embargo and things must have been difficult for him. Considering the conditions he has been working under, he has done a tremendous job to even get the team into contention. When we went up in 1987, Harry was able to sign players for money at the right time. Eddie hasn’t had that luxury and, if he had, I’m sure things may have been a little easier for him. In mid-season, we brought in Willo and Richard Cooke and they both had a big influence on us".