Police Prepared for Cherries - Saints Clash

17 May 2010 09:55
Hampshire Police will prepare for the Cherries/Saints derby match in the same way they prepare for a derby match against Portsmouth. With the prospect of the first derby match between AFC Bournemouth and Southampton for 52 years, Hampshire Police will be preparing for the match in the same way as they do for a match against Portsmouth. Supt Rick Burrows of Hampshire Police is quoted in the Bournemouth Evening Echo as saying: "We’ll put in appropriate resources based on the current intelligence picture at the time. But it will be very much the same policing style we did for the Portsmouth game and the relevant number of resources. It’s about targeting those small numbers and we can do that quite easily. It will be a safe football event and we will deal robustly, quickly and efficiently with the small number of people who want to commit that disorder".