Playing For A Positive Outcome

04 April 2013 10:33
Manager Eddie Howe speaks about the push for honours as the final few games are upon us.

With just a handful of matches left to play out, the Cherries are to within touching distance of a remarkable promotion, given the relegation fodder they were just 6 months ago.

On the final run-in, manager Eddie Howe is quoted in the Bournemouth Evening Echo as saying: "The lads are a level-headed bunch and I have had no problems with anyone getting ahead of themselves or anything on that side of things. The spirit, as you can imagine for a team winning games, has been very good. We are playing for a positive outcome – we must make that clear. We are at the top end of the division and there should be no fears or worries. We want to try to play and perform at our best in the remaining games – even though there is a lot at stake. It is getting that balance right and, hopefully, we can do that. This is a great position for us to be in with four games to go. This club has only been in the second tier once so we are, potentially, almost breaking new ground if we achieve what we want to achieve at the end of the season. We have got to embrace that and try to meet it head on, if we can. We are confident we are a match for any team when we are at our best. We will prepare for these four games exactly the same as we have in the previous games. You can't influence how other teams feel. Whether they play with more freedom because there is no pressure on them, you don't know. What we are expecting is a difficult game because matches against Notts County have, traditionally, always been that way for us. We have had some great battles over the years, none more so than the 3-3 in the away game this season which was a really good advert for League One – end-to-end stuff".

Source: Cherries MAD


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