Pitman Responds To Feigning Injury Claims

24 February 2013 09:37
During a tempestuous match against Sheffield United, Brett Pitman was seen prostrate on the pitch clutching his face in an apparent off the ball incident.

This incident followed an earlier incident where a Sheffield United player went down, like a sack of spuds, but soon got up again when it was realised that the ball hadn't gone out of play, with the game continuing, but soon went down again, claiming injury as soon as the ball did (eventually) go out of play.

The response to Pitman's laying prostrate on the pitch drew comments from the United bench that the Cherries striker was faking an injury, with Pitman himself responding in the Bournemouth Evening Echo saying that: "The geezer (Collins) just walked into me. There was no need for it. I think that is part and parcel of football and if he (Wilson) wants to go on about unsavoury incidents, he needs to have a closer look at his captain and what he does and how he conducts himself on the pitch. I have got to be honest, I am not that bothered about what he says and what he thinks. He is going to defend his players and that is fair enough".

With Blades manager, Danny Wilson claiming that: "There is always going to be a concern of a referee when he is under pressure so much when the home fans are baying for every decision. All we did was stand up and compete and we have to leave those decisions to the referee. But I have to say, they have to count themselves lucky they didn’t have one of their men sent off because the way he (Pitman) went down holding his face, trying to get Neill Collins sent off, was very unpleasant. In that respect, there weren’t too many calls for him to be sent off for feigning injury and that was unpleasant in my view".

Source: Cherries MAD