PFA Not Called In Yet

06 February 2010 08:04
The players at Dean Court are holding back on calling in the PFA where the on going transfer embargo at Dean Court is concerned. With the Football League transfer embargo showing no signs of being lifted, the players are hold back on calling in the PFA to find a way forward. Speaking in the Bournemouth Evening Echo, Danny Hollands, is quoted as saying: "As players, it just gets our backs up that we aren’t allowed to bring in other players. But, as a squad, we are trying to make sure we become stronger and better for it. We’ve been through a lot in the past few years and it has made us stronger as a group. This is another hurdle that we are determined to overcome. We are desperate to achieve something as a group. Our focus is to put something on the board. Whoever we are playing and whichever 11 players the manager puts on the pitch, we will try to our best and try to win every game. Winning our past couple of games has put us in a good frame of mind. But, if things were different and the manager was to say something or if it ever got to the stage where we only had one or two on the bench, I’m sure we would have to think about it".