Not Live On Sky Sports!

20 April 2013 08:38
The Cherries Chairman speaks out about the lack of TV coverage the Cherries have received this season.

With the season drawing to a close, the chance that AFC Bournemouth will selected for a live TV match is now zero, given that the final round of matches is played out next weekend.

Speaking about the lack of live TV coverage, Cherries Chairman, Eddie Mitchell, is quoted as saying in the Bournemouth Evening Echo that: "We don’t want to be on this season but let’s hope we are on a lot next season. By failing to show us, I think Sky Sports have missed out on the best football in this division by far and our ability is second to none. No team passes the ball better than us and no team has out-passed us. We have been confident against every team and you wonder why news hasn’t got back to Sky Sports that they need to show a League One team which is playing like a Championship team. I don’t know how they decide which games to show but we are certainly not boring. We are the fashionable club in this division and the one that is talked about. People want to play for us, we play great football and still Sky Sports haven’t latched on to us".

Source: Cherries MAD