Not A One Man Show - Howe

17 November 2012 08:49
Eddie Howe has spoken about the relationship he has with assistant Jason Tindall.

With Eddie and Jason back at the Dean Court helm, Eddie Howe has spoken about the relationship he's got with his assistant - Jason Tindall.

Speaking in the Bournemouth Evening Echo Eddie Howe is quoted as saying: "Jason is, firstly, very loyal, a very hard worker and I think he is an excellent coach. We bounce off each other and I am very comfortable with his ideas on the game and my ideas on the game, and they mirror each other very well. I think we bring out the best in each other in terms of always trying to push the boundaries to find new ideas, and trying to evolve our coaching style. If you are still doing the same drills you did two years ago, you have stood still. We are always trying to find an edge and a new way of doing things. I am very thankful to have him by my side and I know we are better as a team than we are individually, so I think that is the important thing".


Source: Cherries MAD