No Sale Vindicated

17 February 2012 06:24
Eddie Mitchell's decision not to sell AFC Bournemouth has been vindicated with events along the coast.

With many clamouring for Mitchell to sell back in Summer 2010, his decision not to has been vindicated following recent events at Fratton Park, given their slip back in to Administration.

CSI (Convers Sports Initiatives) bought the Hampshire Club last Summer, but have forced to back out leaving Fratton Park with a massive tax bill to pay, with debts reported to total £4million, in turn this has forced Portsmouth back in to Administration with the points penalty, and the stresses that will bring the fans over the coming weeks and months.

For his part, Eddie Mitchell, in deciding not to sell at the time, is quoted in the Bournemouth Evening Echo as saying: "I would like to think I am a better judge of character. I wasn’t looking for a buyer and we weren’t looking to sell, that is why we rejected the offer. We didn’t want to entertain it and, as it has turned out, I suppose you could say it was good fortune. It happened way before we had achieved anything and I have got ambition of my own. I think it was a wise move on our behalf not to get involved. If you have got something as precious as a football club then you need to be careful who you put in control or have alongside you, which is what I have done. I have been very careful. You are playing with people’s heartstrings and you want to try to get it right for them. I recognised Max’s passion for football and his passion for this club and that is why we formed a partnership".