No Longer Nearly Men - Elphick

02 April 2013 08:40
Now is the time for the Cherries to stand up and be counted.

With less than 4 weeks to go before the final reckoning in League One, Cherries skipper, Tommy Elphick is urging his colleagues to stand up and be counted as the race to the finish line hots up.

Speaking in the Bournemouth Evening Echo, Elphick is quoted as saying: "We are playing teams below us now so, on ability and on paper, we should win every game. But the big thing is the mentality and whether we have got the right mentality to do it. The only way we can prove that is by winning the next five games. It is all there. We are the right age and we are all good characters wanting to get to the next level. It is a massive opportunity. The message before the game at Colchester was that we don’t want to be nearly men. We want to do it. This dressing room is unique and everyone is together and fighting for the same goal, whether they are playing or not. The longer we can keep that going and the longer we can stay together as a group and keep growing, the better it is for the club".

Source: Cherries MAD