No Let Up For Cherries

29 May 2010 06:16
The Cherries squad is expected to come back from the Closed Season as fit as ever. It may be the Closed Season, but the Cherries squad are expected to return to pre-season training as fit as ever. Shwan Jalal is quoted in the Bournemouth Evening Echo as saying: "The boys came back very fit last season and that helped Eddie in terms of preparation. We got the footballs out earlier and it made pre-season a lot more enjoyable. In today’s game, footballers are athletes and the extra one or two per cent you can get over another team is vital. I think it showed in the way we kept going until the last minute and was a massive theme to our success. You could see we were a fit team by the number of late goals we scored as well. Most of the lads are still training. We have all been given off-season programmes to keep ourselves fit because it’s not as if you can go away for eight weeks, abuse your body and then hope to come back and try to trudge through it. We are expected to come back fit and then we can get straight back into it. If you can hit the ground running, you can do more ball work during pre-season and be better prepared".