Need To Be Realistic

18 December 2010 03:05
Manager Eddie Howe calls for a dose of realism amoung the Dean Court faithful. Having fought against the odds to save teh Cherries League status, and then automatic promotion, AFC Bournemouth are currently riding high in League One - daring fans to dream of promotion to the Championship. Manager Eddie Howe though, is calling on fans to be slightly more realistic, being quoted in the Bournemouth Evening Echo as saying: "I think it’s important to be realistic and know where we are as a club and know what we’re trying to do. We’re constantly fighting against the odds and fighting against difficulties and so far, we haven’t done a bad job. But people have to remember where we’ve come from and how difficult it’s been to get where we are now. People need to stick with us and ride the peaks and the troughs together. If you just look back and think where the club was as a whole two years ago, you wouldn’t have believed where we are now. So I think, sometimes, it’s good just to reflect back. Although we want continued success because that’s what we’re desperate to have and to continue having, it’s only through hard work and doing the right things that you do that. That’s what we’ll endeavour to do but it’s not easy and all the clubs in the league want the same thing".