Mostyn Back In Cherries Hotseat

20 September 2013 08:23
Jeff Mostyn has been appointed Chairman for a second stint.

With Maxim Denim remaining in the back ground, the Club has appointed Jeff Mostyn to the role of Chairman for a second period in the role, having previously taken the Cherries in to administration first time round.

On the re-appointment, Mostyn is quoted in the Bournemouth Evening Echo as saying: "It has all happened so quickly. The first I knew of Eddie’s intention (to sell) was in the boardroom at Doncaster only a couple of weeks ago. I had never given any consideration to becoming chairman again so this has really taken me by surprise. I feel an immense sense of pride. Having started in 2006 with my heart, the one thing I have found to my cost is that unless you engage your head, you’re going to run into serious problems, particularly in a business like football where everything is driven by emotion. But I feel I have stood the test of time. I’ve been through the good, the bad and the ugly and you have to go through difficult times to truly appreciate how lucky you are. There will be joint responsibility. I see myself, along with Neill, as responsible for implementing the strategy of the board. Any changes will be subtle but there will be more independence for individuals (staff) and decisions will be made without constant consultation. Maxim is a great believer in allowing people to live up to the faith we have in them. Our job is to try and create as much income as possible. With financial fair play, the more income we can derive, the more investment we can make in the club. Maxim is the sole owner which gives him total control of how the club is driven in terms of investment".

Source: Cherries MAD


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