Mitchell To Assess Transfer Targets

16 May 2012 08:42
Eddie Mitchell has stated publically that he is to assess potential incoming players, but insists Groves will play a 'major role'.

With the Club batting away comments that Groves and Brooks will not be 'yes men' for Mitchell, our esteemed Chairman has come out publicall, being quoted in the Bournemouth Evening Echo saying that: "We have never, since I’ve been at the club, given anybody a budget. If a player is going to improve the situation and they are available at the right price, then we have got to consider it and try to bring them in. We are always going to be looking and if the right person at the right price is out there, then we will be looking for them. But that won’t be my decision, it will be Paul and Shaun’s. But also me, my business partner (Maxim Demin) and Tom (Mitchell, director) will all be looking at various players and we have got a scout who is advising us, so if somebody is brought to the forefront then we will look at it and draw a conclusion".