Mitchell Hooking Up With Poole Town?

07 December 2013 10:30
Could former Cherries Chairman, Eddie Mitchell be about to take a more active role with the Dolphins?

After stepping down as Chairman 3 months ago, having sold his share of the Club, Eddie Mitchell is now looking at the possibility to helping Poole Town in their ambitions.

Speaking in the Bournemouth Evening Echo, Mitchell is quoted as saying: "My first club is Bournemouth and always has been. That is my birth place and it is the club I have followed most of my life. But my first real interest in football was watching Poole Town at the stadium when I was probably eight years old. I have lived in Poole for virtually all my life and because I am a free agent, I would love to find Poole Town a permanent home. I have got surplus energy which I can’t put into Bournemouth so I could put it into Poole Town. If that possibility arises then great and we are on the verge of that possibility. I have extra energy from my daytime job and I can’t sit at home and watch Coronation Street. I have to get out and do what I think is good for what I enjoy and football is somewhat my enjoyment now. Poole is on my doorstep and it is what I believe in".

Source: Cherries MAD