Mitchell: Government should restructure game

23 October 2009 07:00
CHERRIES chairman Eddie Mitchell believes the government should be coming to the aid of ailing football clubs.

Mitchell was speaking after the plight of Accrington Stanley hit home during his visit to the Crown Ground on Saturday.

While Cherries and their League Two rivals are both suffering acute financial difficulties, Mitchell believes the Dorset outfit has never had it so good, in comparison.

He told the Daily Echo: We dont know how lucky we are to have what weve got. There is no comparison and I feel for the people of Accrington because of the situation they are in.

In my opinion, it is disgraceful that it has come to this. The club is at the heart of the town and should have money invested in it by the government.

Its up to the government to restructure the game and I see it all over the country. It was the same with Dorchester in the Blue Square South. These football grounds are smack in the middle of towns and a lot of them are falling apart.

If only the government could see a way to invest into the hubs of communities, it would help keep youngsters off the streets and give them somewhere to go to enjoy themselves.

Its such a shame. Its not as if these are out-of-town places where nobody wants to go. They are all on the doorsteps of towns and cities. A lot of them in the lower leagues and non-league are dilapidated.

The people at Accrington were lovely and it was so sad to see what they are stuck with. If I were in a position to throw money away like some people in the game, I would invest in these places.

You could see what the football club meant to those people and they had a strong belief in their club. But nobody wants to invest in it and its just dying a death. The government should step in to help.

Source: Bournemouth_Echo