McDermott To Overcome Difficulties

05 May 2012 08:32
Caretaker boss, Paul Groves, is confident that McDermott can overcome his current dififculties.

With the much publicised difficulties Donal McDermott has had recently, caretaker manager, Paul Groves, is confident that the midfielder can overcome the bad press he's received recently.

Speaking in the Bournemouth Evening Echo, Groves is quoted as saying: "It has been difficult for Donal. It has been a little bit of an up-and-down period, having to deal with what has gone on with his situation. There have been periods in training when he has been lively and bright and has shown what he is capable of. There have been periods when he has struggled to cope with what has gone on during his time here. Only time will tell with regards to how Donal continues to work. While we are around, we will continue to try to help improve him. It is about trying to get the best out of him and also making sure he is responsible and keeps himself working in a proper way, on and off the pitch. t times, he shows good ability and he has got good feet. But he has got to produce a final pass and a goal. He is in a position where he can hurt the opposition and has got to hurt them on a regular basis. Everybody needs confidence to go out there and play. It was his first start for a while and he has been through a lot of late. There are areas you can work with and areas he can get better at, like with every other player".