Line Drawn Under McDermott Issues

21 April 2012 08:00
The Club have confirmed that a line has been drawn under the issues concerning Donal McDermott.

With Donal McDermott hitting the headlines just recently for all the wrong reasons, the Club have confirmed that issues have been drawn to close, and dealt with internally.

Speaking on the Clubs Official Web Site, caretaker manager, Paul Groves, is quoted as saying: "We've spoken with Donal on a number of occasions this week. He's given his explanation for the incident last Friday, we've taken that into account and dealt with it. All young men make mistakes as they're learning, in some cases it's not acceptable and they have to be dealt with like we have this week. Hopefully Donal will learn from it and be better for it in the future. We have to make sure our players are educated and aware of their responsibilities off the pitch, so that they are able to produce and perform on the pitch. If we make our players accountable and make them realise how fortunate they are then hopefully we will have good role models with a strong work ethic who can carry this club forward".