Like Him Or Hate Him - Mitchell Delivered

02 September 2013 05:49
There can be no doubt that Eddie Mitchell courted controversy on more than occassion at the helm, but it cannot be denied that he delivered.

In his 4-year reign at the helm, Eddie Mitchell knew how to fly close to the sun AND get burned from time to time not least of all with his outbursts on BBC Radio Solent, when inviting the fans to go support Southampton if he didn't like his approach, a "let's be having you" invitation to the fans at the next home match, and the memberable outburst on BBC 5 Live with Mark Chapman.

All that to one side, there are many plus points to which Mitchell and his team delivered on:

The Clubs has superb in-house training facilities adjacent to the ground A 3-sided Dean Court itself had a major facelift throughout. The car park looks presentable. Most notably, there's a permanent(ish) fourth side in place for the first time since the new Dean Court was completed over 10 years ago. Mitchell has delivered greater financial stability than the club has had in its' history

He's had his critics (who doesn't?), but from where we've come from - a League Two side with a massive financial burden and a transfer embargo - to a side currently sitting in the play off places in the Championship, that IS a remarkable turnaround in a relatively short space of time!

Source: Cherries MAD


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