It Was The Right Decision - Ref

26 November 2012 09:48
Saturday's match referee, Carl Boyeson, has apologised for making a pigs breakfast of the non-penalty on Saturday.

For making a complete hash of the penalty that never was on Saturday, match referee, Carl Boyeson has apologised for his ineptitude.

Speaking in the Bournemouth Evening Echo, Boyeson is quoted as saying: "The ball came across and the Bury player put it out of play. His head was high and there was half an appeal from Miles Addison. For a split second, I thought he had handballed it. Yet, as soon as I hit the whistle and pointed to the spot, I know it sounds silly, but I knew I was wrong. As I was blowing the whistle, the assistant, speaking on the head-set, told me it should have been a corner and the fourth official said likewise. I know they were a lot farther away than I was, but they both had an angle on it. That is why I went over to the assistant. As I had not restarted play, I could change the decision. I believe the decision was correct. I realise it wasn’t the right way to get there but we got there in the end. I apologised to Eddie after the game for the way we had got to the decision. I also apologised to Kevin Blackwell for maybe giving him palpitations for 30 seconds while we got to the right decision. To their credit, they both accepted it".

Source: Cherries MAD