It Was The Right Choice - Ward

18 June 2013 11:28
Elliott Ward speaks about his move from Norfolk to Dorset amd the season ahead in the Championship

On his move to the south coast, Elliott Ward is quoted on the Clubs Official Web Site as saying: "We need to get off to a good start and not be afraid of the teams we are playing. People might look at some of the bigger clubs, but some of the bigger teams got relegated last season. It’s just about going into every game without any fear. At Norwich other teams looked at us as a bit of unknown quantity and we used that to our advantage and outplayed a lot of teams. The manager has told me that there’s a tight squad here and everyone works hard for each other, which will be important for what we want to do. It’s been a long summer for me waiting to get a deal done but I’m delighted that it is now. It was just a case of making the right choice and I’ve done that today. The club and the manager showed a lot of desire to get me down here to have a look what they’re trying to do here and how they want to progress, and that was a massive in helping me make my decision".

Source: Cherries MAD