International Arter?

01 June 2013 05:25
With the Cherries rising to the Championship, could the likes of Harry Arter about to make it on the internetional stage?

Could Harry Arter be about to break in to the Republic Of Ireland squad now that AFC Bournemouth have reached the giddy heights of the Champtionship?

With the likes of former Eire international Kevin Kilbane singing his praises as saying: "He has a bit of an attitude about him, which might need to be curbed but he wants the ball constantly, believes in his own ability, creates chances for strikers and himself, and looks like he can score goals".

The man himself is quoted in the Bournemouth Evening Echo as saying: "I am flattered for Kevin Kilbane to say what he has about me. I think any player likes praise and good press. He has played in the Premier League, he has played international football and he knows what it takes to play at that level so for him to suggest it is worth me getting a shot, I can only take that well and appreciate it. It gives me confidence and, hopefully, if I play well and do well next season, maybe I will get a call-up. Being in the second tier of English football is going to be a help. I don’t know if any of the Republic of Ireland squad members are playing in League One. The majority of players are in the Premier League and Championship, so to be in the Championship and to test myself against that level of competition will only do me good. Hopefully, it will be down to me to play well and do better than the people that are in front of me".

Source: Cherries MAD