Immature Cherries - Bradbury

13 March 2012 08:46
Manager Lee Bradbury blasts his players as being immature following the 3-0 defeat at the weekend.

With a 3-0 defeat still ringing in the ears from the weekend, manager Lee Bradbury has accused his players of being immature given the nature of the defeat.

The Cherries boss is quoted in the Bournemouth Evening Echo as saying: "The disappointment in the first 15 minutes was huge for us. I wanted the team to go out and start well and we did not. Finding ourselves 3-0 down after 15 minutes was hard to take and it gave us a mountain to climb. But after that, I thought we did very well, passed the ball well and created some good chances – probably the better chances in the game. But both boxes cost us".

On the half time team talk: "First of all, I told them a few home truths about the first 15 minutes. If you look at it, five of our players that played had never played in a stadium like they did today. It is a learning curve for them. We are a new team, put together throughout the season, and a lot of the players we have taken have come from lower leagues, and they have got to learn quickly. e will be a good side, given time. We pass the ball well and I think we play some good football and create good chances. We just need to have that belief that we are going to score goals and we need to keep clean sheets. I think it will turn – we just need a bit of luck".

The players have a few short weeks to learn . the next 'big stadium they visit will be Sheffield United and a trip to Bramhall Lane.