I'm Still Learning - Pitman

08 April 2013 07:50
Brett Pitman admits that he's still learning how to play in his new role in the Cherries line up.

Having netted in his last 6 outings, Brett Pitman has helped to fire the Cherries right in to the mix where the end of season shake up is concerned, and has collected 16 strikes for the season so far. His goals so far this season has taken Pitman level to former Cherries legend, Stan Newsham who scored 74 goals.

Speaking in the Bournemouth Evening Echo, Pitman was quoted as saying: "I expect to score every time I play. I have also hit the crossbar six times this season so I could have had a lot more goals. When I was here in my first spell, I was an out-and-out forward but now I am playing a little deeper and that is why I am doing different things to what I did before. I feel I have always had the all-round game but the manager is asking me to play a slightly different role which is maybe highlighting that more now. I don't mind playing there and am enjoying it. It took me a bit of time to learn the position and I am still learning. It isn't natural to me but I feel I am getting better with every game".

Source: Cherries MAD