Howe's A Really Good Manager - Pearce

07 September 2010 07:48
Jason Pearce signs the virutes of manager Eddie Howe. Ever popular defender, Jason Pearce, is not surprised by the constant attention lavished on Eddie Howe given his achievements over the past couple of years. Speaking in the Bournemouth Evening Echo, Pearce is quoted as saying: "It’s no surprise that he’s being linked with it because he’s a really good manager, him and Jason, and we’ve got a great team. Hopefully, we’re showing what a good team we are and he’s showing what a good manager he is. He’s come in, brought in different ideas and he’s got a great team ethic, and I think that shows on the pitch. He’s been great since he’s been in charge and, hopefully, it will carry on. Hopefully, he will stay so we can progress and move on. He showed great faith in me and I just want to repay him with my performances. Being the captain, I just want to keep moving on and showing what I can do. He’s an up-and-coming great manager. I won’t be surprised if he does move on eventually. But, hopefully, just not yet".