Howe is Cherries' saint

10 September 2010 11:18
IN THE eyes of Cherries fans, Eddie Howe will always be a saint.[LNB] In turning down a move to League One rivals Southampton, Howe has achieved the impossible and managed to lift his standing among the AFC Bournemouth faithful to an even loftier status.[LNB] If it goes any higher, they may have to raise the roof at Dean Court.[LNB] A hero for saving the club from relegation and then leading them to the most remarkable of promotions, Howe was already one of the club's favourite sons.[LNB] Had he opted to join Southampton, the majority of fans would have fondly remembered all he had done for Cherries.[LNB] However, at a time when loyalty in football is evaporating, such a pledge of allegiance is both timely and welcome.[LNB] Should the impressive nature of Cherries' performances under Howe carry on, it would be no surprise to see the highly-rated 32-year-old offered other opportunities.[LNB] Cherries supporters need to get used to the fact Howe is likely to be among the frontrunners when roles become available.[LNB] They will also have to get their heads around the idea that a higher-level club could well come knocking eventually.[LNB] But for now, fans will be rejoicing at the news that St Eddie of Dean Court is staying put.[LNB] The fact the neighbours are the ones he turned down will just make their celebratory tipple taste all the sweeter.[LNB]

Source: Bournemouth_Echo