Henderson Returning To London?

22 October 2013 06:19
Could Stephen Henderson be about to return to West Ham following his injury against Nottingham Forest.

Having been involved in a clash which result in Stephen Henderson sustaining a dislocated shoulder, could the loan keeper be about to reutn to his home club to recover.

Speaking in the Bournemouth Evening Echo, Cherries physio, Steve Hard, was quoted as saying on the injury: "When I ran on to the pitch, I knew straight away it was his shoulder and he was in agony. “We have a signal we give to the dugout when we know it is serious and that means I need back up. Andrew Balderstone, the Nottingham Forest physio, came on and helped me give him gas and air to get him settled. We couldn’t put him on a stretcher until he had had some pain relief. The paramedics supported us and it was a good team effort. Everybody worked together to help put Stephen at ease. I thought the situation was dealt with very well and everything ran smoothly, under the circumstances. I would like to thank everybody who helped".

Source: Cherries MAD