Head Held High - Mitchell

02 September 2013 05:55
Outgoing Chairman, Eddie Mitchell, speaks of his time at Dean Court.

Speaking in the Bournemouth Evening Echo(click on the link for the full interview), outgoing Chairman Eddie Mitchell is quoted as saying: "When I first arrived, I wasn’t surprised by some of the attitudes towards the club because I don’t think it was in a very good place and hadn’t been for a considerable period of time. There was no direction or leadership and it didn’t have particularly good qualities because nobody had kept it in line. It had been wandering for many years. If there is a boat in the sea, it needs steering. If it wanders, it gets nowhere. It has been my nature all my life to get hold of something and sort it out. It was natural to me. The only hardship was taking my eye of the ball with my own much larger business but that is what football does. It hypnotises you and pulls you in. It certainly did that with me. The club didn’t have people behind it and there were also people that wanted it to fail. What has been achieved over the past four years has been a triumph for the supporters and a defeat for those who wanted it to fail. It took a while to get the club into that frame of mind and for people to have that self belief. The symbol on our badge is of somebody holding their head high – I think the club can do that now".

Source: Cherries MAD