Going Careful With Daniels

28 August 2013 06:46
The Cherries are going carfeully with Charlie Daniels as he bids to return to first team action.

Having sustained a knock during the 6-1 drubbing at Watford, Charlie Daniels was forced from the pitch, which turned out to me inflamed heel ligaments, which is a common complaint.

On the injury, manager Eddie Howe is quoted in the Bournemouth Evening Echo as saying: "Charlie was on the bench on Saturday for an absolute emergency and was not 100 per cent fit. He trained on Thursday and Friday and came through okay. But following discussions with him and the physio, we didn't want to play him for too long and decided a 20-minute spell would be the maximum. But because of the scoreline, there was no point in risking him at that stage. If it had been different, we may well have looked to put him on. We are still very much trying to protect and nurse him through. Charlie is a big player for us and we would love to welcome him back. But we want to try to keep him fit so it is a very delicate balance. There is a two-week window coming up with the international break but I would like to think he would be involved in the next two games. It is an injury that we have got to monitor. It can react differently from one day to the next. It can hang around for a long period of time and it can go as quickly as it comes. It is a difficult one to know exactly how you are from day to day so we will try to manage him as best we can".

Source: Cherries MAD