Fourth Stand Set To Be Built?

15 December 2012 08:36
Could the missing link at Dean Court - a 4th stand - be in the pipeline?

Plans to build a 4th stand at Dean Court appear to be back on the agenda again, especially given the Clubs ambitions of reaching the Championship.

Speaking in the Bournemouth Evening Echo on the prospect of new stand, which would take capacity up to around 13000, Cherries Chairman, Eddie Mitchell is quoted as saying: "We are revising our plans and are going to phase it. If we get to where we want to at the end of the season, we want to get the stand up. If we get promotion, we would like to build it in the close season. We are redesigning it on a smaller scale, without the hotel, but with the prospect of building that later. If we were to reach the Championship, it would be no good saying we could have filled a fourth stand if we had one. You can’t just build things all of a sudden like you used to be able to. You have got to jump through so many hoops and that is what I am trying to do".

Mitchell was also asked about the current situation with stadium owners Structadene, to which he went on to say: "We are still interested but they want too much money for it. We want to get it back into the club’s hands and would pay market price for it. But they won’t accept that so it has gone off the radar at the moment. We have stopped negotiations, we haven’t put a bid forward and haven’t spoken to them for a few months. We would always be interested if the price were right".

Source: Cherries MAD