Fletch's Future Role

05 July 2013 07:09
Steve Fletcher has an "invaluable" role as part of the back room staff at Dean Court.

Following his retirement from the full time game, Steve Fletcher has been given a new role at Dean Court, that of a combined role scouting for the Club and as an Ambassador for the Cherries.

Manager Eddie Howe is quoted, in the Bournemouth Evening Echo, on the appointment of Fletch in his new role as saying: "We will be looking to utilise Fletch in all aspects of scouting and his time previously as assistant manager will no doubt help him in the role. He is not one-dimensional and we will use him around the training ground as well. We will be able to call on him in several different areas, which can only benefit the club. There was a big onus on us not to lose his experience and, with the experiences he has had in the game, he could be really important for us in many different ways. He will be dealing and interacting with younger players and he has always been a big help to them, not just in a coaching capacity, but also in life. We will try to use him in the most beneficial way for the club. Everyone knows he is Bournemouth through and through and would do anything for the club. From that perspective, he will be a big help to us all off the pitch. This is the next stage in Fletch’s career and who knows where it will take him. We are delighted to have him on board".


Source: Cherries MAD