Fletch Still Has A Role To Play

28 July 2012 08:13
Manager Paul Groves insists that big Steve Fletcher still has a role to play at Dean Court.

He may have turned 40 during the week, but Steve Fletcher still has a role to play at Dean Court, according to boss Paul Groves.

Speaking about Big Fletch, Groves is quoted in the Bournemouth Evening Echo as saying: "He will play a key role because he will play a part off the pitch as well as on it. It remains to be seen how much he plays because there is strong competition in that area which is what you want. But he has attributes that some of the other players don’t so that has got to be good for the squad. His attributes will cause problems for certain teams and we will look at that. We have to look at what we have got in the mix with all of our strikers. You have to be dedicated to the cause to still be playing at 40. In some ways, it helps Steve because his strengths are his power and his ability to bring others into play. Although you have to be able to get around the pitch in the modern game, you don’t always have to charge around. His attributes have enabled him to play for as long as he has".


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