Eddie Howe - Manager Of The Month

15 December 2012 09:02
Has the recent run of form been jinxed as Eddie Howe is named Manager Of The Month?

Eddie Howe has just completed his first full month in charge and has been named as League One Manager Of The Month for November given the undefeated run of results the Cherries have experienced since his return - going from relegation fodder to promotion hopefuls.

On being named manager of the month Howe was quoted as saying: "This is all down to the team. Ever since we have come back in, the players have been excellent as has the staff around me, and the supporters have also more than played their part in that run we have been on. (Christmas) is a very vital time for us. We have got a lot of games as have the other teams but we are still in catch-up mode at the moment. We have still got a lot of work to do to get up to the top two and the top six, so these games will be pivotal against our rivals at the top end of the table".

David James is quoted as saying: "The manager has managed to give the confidence to the players, possibly through the way he conducts the training. What we do on the training field, you are seeing on the playing field. I think that is the main thing – the transition from training to matchday. In the first three games I was here, the team were showing a lot of talent and ability but, for some reason, that wasn’t being transferred to the pitch. Especially at Crawley, we seemed very within ourselves".

Source: Cherries MAD