Eager For Starting Place

28 March 2013 01:28
Teenage signing, Ryan Fraser, is eager to land a place in Eddie Howe's starting eleven.

With 19-year-old Ryan Fraser being restricted in his Cherries appearances to coming off the bench, the teenager is keen to land a birth in Eddie Howe's starting eleven. His eagerness has been heightened with his influential role in the Scottish U21s 3-0 win over Luxembourg earlier in the week.

Fraser is quoted in the Scottish Sun as saying: "I am desperate to start for Bournemouth. I didn’t get international clearance for my first game and then tore my hip so was out for a couple of weeks. It wasn’t the best of starts for me but, since then, I have been training hard and am back to full fitness now. I have been getting more involved in games and the manager is saying I am doing well so, hopefully, I can get a start soon. I have been doing extra running for a couple of weeks so game time is what I need to get to where I should be. The manager has been taking me for extra sessions and that has been great. At Aberdeen, I would never have done extra — not one day did I do extra. You had to come back in the mini-buses and then you got to go under the stand and do some head tennis. But, at Bournemouth, the manager stays out on the pitches after training and you can do anything. That is what I was dying to do and I was desperate to do more".


Source: Cherries MAD