Coulibay's Night To Remember

22 July 2013 11:26
How many make their home Cherries debut against such illustrious opponents as Real Madrid? For new signing, Mohamed Coulibaly he did just that and put in a star performance.

There wasn't much doubt around the ground as to who the match of the match was for the Cherries against Real Madrid - Mohamed Coulibaly who put in a shift and a half while he was on the pitch.

On his home debut, Coulibaly is quoted on the Clubs Official Web Site as saying: "Every player wants to play against Real Madrid and I was lucky to be able to do that. In France, all my family saw the game and they are all happy. I won’t forget this game that’s for sure. They watched and were excited. They sent me some messages and I’m happy because I did well for them. Everyone has made me feel welcome and I feel good. When you feel good, you can play your best football. Now, I just need to keep working and not to think that it is finished. It’s only the start of the season, we have the Championship and it will be very hard. I talked a little bit with Benzema because he is French. He told me ‘you played very well’. It is good when players like this tell you that you have played well. Now I am very motivated to have a good season with Bournemouth and start my first season in England".


Source: Cherries MAD